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Let’s face it, pharmacies aren’t what they used to be. In fact you are more like a last name with a prescription rather than someone who actually needs help with your health. Are you looking for more people to assist you on the path to good health? Ready for quality care where people remember your name?  We are chemists, technicians, pharmacists and we are much more. We are your neighbours and we are problem solvers that love what we do!



Committed to Quality, Service and our YOUR health!

Compounded Medication

 Now when doses of manufactured medications aren’t the right fit for you, or they are out of stock, or they need to be combined with others or you need a custom dosage form, like a cream, a gel, a suppository or even a lollipop, compounding is the solution.

Medication Review Consultation

Would you like to have a second set of eyes and opinion on your medications. Have them maximized for your best benefits and simplify things when needed?  Let us work with your prescriber to adjust your medications when necessary

Supplement Review Consultation

Ready to address your current health issues with a more natural approach? Understanding what supplements and support your body needs using an evidence-based approach? Check to make sure your supplements and medications work well together. 

Nutrient Depletion

Did you know your health issues could be linked to depleted nutrients in your system? Would you like a more clear picture of what is really going on with your body? Nutritional support and recommendations based on an assessment with our experts will provide you with a plan and the tools you need to be successful!

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What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

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Five Ways to Ensure You Take Medication Correctly 

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Having a team of professionals to help you achieve and maintain your health goals is important, you are not alone!

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