People’s Choice Compounding Pharmacy takes your eyes seriously. Our compounding laboratory specializes in formulating a variety of eye drops, with Serum Tears (aka Autologous Eye Drops) being an area in which we proudly excel.


What Are Autologous Serum Tears?

Each bottle of autologous eye drops is created specifically for you on prescription from your ophthalmologist. The serum used is extracted from your own blood in our pharmacy’s on-site compounding lab while you wait. As a result of using your body’s own serum, these drops have a much longer-lasting effect on serious dry eye conditions, with less chance of irritation when compared to most prescription or over the counter eye drops.


2019 Research on Autologous Serum Tears

Our pharmacy recently contributed to a study about autologous serum tears carried out jointly by the University of Toronto and the University of Montreal’s Departments of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences. The goal of the research was to assess patient satisfaction with the use of autologous serum tears for treating dry eye disease, looking at a large group of patients.


Results Are Out, And They Look Good

We found that:

  • The use of other treatments was significantly reduced after the use of Autologous Serum Tears
  • Symptoms reported on a Dry Eye Disease self-assessment questionnaire significantly improved with the use of Serum Tears
  • No patients reported any side effects


Patients Are Happy With Their Results From Serum Tears

The conclusion of the study was that treating dry eye disease with autologous serum tears significantly reduced dry eye symptoms, with high patient satisfaction.


You Can Trust People’s Choice Pharmacy For Your Serum Tears

The tears produced by our own tear ducts are not just wet. In fact, they’re a complex mixture of moisture, oils, mucus and antibodies designed to lubricate and protect the eyes on many levels. Over-the-counter artificial eye drops can help, but they simply can’t adequately replace our own natural tears.

If you find yourself applying drops hourly throughout the day, you may need a drop that’s closer to natural tears. Call our compounding pharmacy to find out about Autologous eye drops, also known as Serum Tears. 905-770-3113 


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